1. 14:49 16th Sep 2013

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    seagoonlovesyouall said: So how DO you pronounce Thom's name?

    Tah-hem. Like ‘ahem’ with a T.

  2. 10:03 27th Aug 2013

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    Sunday, August 6 

    "Spend the morning proudly displaying my lily white body and red hair to gawping Sicilian populace. The show is at a sports stadium. Utter chaos permeates every corner of the proceedings. I soak up the burning Mediterranean sun and wait for the first murmur from Mount Etna. Briefly wonder how you say, ‘Fuck me silly, but don’t tell your brothers’ in Italian."

     -Thom Yorke, 1995 tour diary [x]

    (Source: the-king-of-ponytails)

  3. 06:40 1st Jun 2013

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    Hehhhh. Ehhhh. Hayhay eheheha hey hey hey he-hay ha. Heg hegay egg egg egg egg ha ha. Thankyou for listening.
    — Thom Yorke
  4. 15:26 15th Mar 2013

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    I would rather die than let my kid eat Cup-a-Soup.
    — Thom Yorke
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    Beauty fades! I just turned 29, so I probably don’t have that many good years left in me.
    — Thom Yorke
  6. 00:15 1st Feb 2013

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    Aim for the stars and even if you don’t reach them you’ll land on the moon. Also you’re really ugly.
    — Thom gives advice to some young children
  7. 16:51 28th Dec 2012

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    — thom yorke, signing his name (via the-king-of-ponytails)
  8. 17:56 25th Dec 2012

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    Hurrah! Encore! Encore!
    — Thom at a funeral
  9. mattiaseriksson said: hey! I think this is probably the best site i've ever found, you're awesome. But I have to ask you... Are all the quotes real or are some fabricated and made up?


    Wow, that is indeed a difficult question you have posed…does Thom Yorke really eat cat poop, unwittingly? Does he really make his children eat sponges? Is HE the liar or are WE the liars? Ponder that, friend.

  10. 20:00

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    Metaphorically I am made of chairs. It’s a metaphor though. That means I am not actually made of the chairs.
    — Thom Yorke